Overall World Cup champion Petra Vlhova will go into the Olympic season without the coach that helped her win skiing’s biggest prize this year.

The Slovakian skier said she was parting ways with Livio Magoni after five years.

“One door is closing, and a thousand more are opening and we just have to choose those that are right for us. For this time, our doors are different,” Vlhova said late Tuesday in a statement on her social media channels.

No reason for the break was mentioned, but media reported their relationship had been tense following unflattering remarks on Vlhova’s style of skiing supposedly made by Magoni in an interview with an Italian newspaper two weeks ago.

“It was a long and rocky road towards what we all so desperately wanted. Eventually, the dream came true and I hold a Big globe in my hands,” said Vlhova, who didn’t mention a successor for Magoni.

“Amazing 5 years with you Livio, during which I learned a lot. I am immensely grateful for your time, your infinite energy, perfectionism and the hope you have constantly placed in me.”

Magoni previously coached Tina Maze to the overall title in 2013, when the Slovenian skier set a still unbroken record for most World Cup points in a single season: 2,414.

The Italian called his cooperation with Vlhova “5 beautiful and incredible years.”

“Sorry for all my mistakes in these 5 years, but I guarantee you that I have put and given everything I had for this experience,” he added.

The pair started working together in 2016, when the slalom specialist was already developing into one of Mikaela Shiffrin’s main rivals in the three-time overall champion’s strongest discipline.

Under the Italian coach, Vlhova quickly improved in giant slalom as well.

Vlhova entered five events but failed to win a medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. She became the first world champion from Slovakia by winning the GS title at the worlds in Sweden the following year.

Vlhova won the World Cup season title in slalom for the first time in 2020 by edging Shiffrin, who was taking a break from racing.

Like he had done with Maze before, Magoni gradually turned Vlhova into an all-around competitor who regularly scored points in super-G and downhill as well.

Last season, Vlhova started in all 31 women’s World Cup races and beat former champion Lara Gut-Behrami of Switzerland to the overall title by 160 points.


  1. I have no idea what happened there. She’s a great skier, I know that. He must be a great coach. Why did he say what he did? No idea? You get the sneaking suspicion that he was trying to make it more about him than her (after all, she gets most of the glory), but maybe that’s not it. I don’t know. Obviously, it stung, because he’s gone.

    • I suggest you to watch in-wake-of-unflattering-comments-vlhova-and-coach-livio-magoni-split this movie in hd quality and subtitled at ➡☛ ANIPLEXSTREAM .CC

    • It was really insulting. Here’s what he said : “Tina is complete — whether as an athlete or outside of sport. This page does not exist with Petra,” Magoni said. The journalist also asked his thoughts on her future development and success, and if it was destined. “No, she doesn’t have that in her DNA. In the end, it can only get worse. If she doesn’t keep working hard, that’s exactly what will happen. Tina understood what it took to become a strong personality, Petra didn’t.”
      Magoni also said that Petra is an iron, and the Italian skiers are diamonds.

  2. Few days after she won the Globe he said in interview for italian press that she had achieved a top and she couldnt get any better, just worse, because of her DNA. He was very fond of three other skiers in competition, but about Vlhova he said: she is just an iron, not so gifted.

    • Yes, true… He called the others gemstones – so the iron has beaten them all 🙂 … He is probably also missing some flair, as he kept going back to Tina Maze … Anyway, there is not much chemistry left anymore I guess. Time to move on…

  3. Livio is a great coach, no doubt about that, also he’s well known for being extremely tough and demanding which fortunately worked for Petra as she’s very strong and hard-working. However as a person he also seemed like a big attention seeker in some of the interviews and the last one for Corriere Della Sera, I believe, was the last drop. After this interview Petra looked disappointed, insulted and sad, and all her fans in Slovakia were upset with him for ruining what were supposed to be the happiest moments of her career for her and her team.

    To be honest as her huge fan I’d appreciate if they could work together for one more season because of the Olympics coming but seems like he lost Petra’s trust and made it impossible for her to work with him anymore. I really hope she’ll find a great coach (maybe she already did although not announced yet) where the chemistry will work and she’ll fulfill another dream of winning Olympic medal.

    Despite of what he said, grazie Livio, for all the work and effort you put into our national treasure Petra, helping her achieving status of total professional and champion. Petra, fingers crossed for the next season, we’ll be cheering for you no matter what, as president of Slovakia said “You achieved so much for our small country that you cannot disappoint us in any way, you can only bring us more joy!”

    • I agree with you that Livio seems like an attention seeker. I just don’t get why he had to publicly criticize and insult Petra. No decent person would do that. She seems like a great girl, and she’s a hard worker. Livio is the one who didn’t handle the season well. He wouldn’t let her skip a race to rest because, he said, if you let the skier rest, they will relax too much mentally and you can’t get them going again. Those kinds of plans have to be set on an individual basis, always depending on the specific skier. I think he treated her like Tina Maze, who somehow, by the grace of God, skied 36 races and won 11 of them. Personally, I don’t think it looked like Petra was ready to ski 31 races without a break. She ran out of gas at the end. Livio wanted to turn her into a Maze or Shiffrin. My guess is that he wanted her to win by a landslide, to make him look good, and she didn’t.

      • I think you’re right. But I also think that his problem with Petra was her not being strong “marketing product” that he thought she could and should be. She’s an introvert and doesn’t enjoy too much media attention other than about her skiing, she’s not too strong in self-presentation and I think in Livio’s eyes it was her insufficient sponsorship potential that bothered him a lot. I’m with Petra here, she’s a skier, not an actress or a model so it’s absolutely fine that’s not her priority. Although it’s a bit shame non-Slovaks cannot really see her as we do cause when she speaks Slovak it’s obvious she’s really smart and can be very funny and charming, she’s also very natural and never pretentious.

        I really don’t know if I should be happy or sad, worried or relieved, it’s kind of everything right now. From various interviews with team-members seems like there were long-term problems between her and Livio and this interview was just the last nail in the coffin. I genuinly hope new coach will fit well into the team and ice-breaking period won’t take long. Her brother said yesterday that it should be all resolved by the end of the month. Fongers crossed!

  4. he must be one of the best. it takes a lot of coaching skill to create an overall champion from a technical specialist, who can reach the podium in any of the events. but vlhova is a big strong girl, she can bend the speed skis, and carve. her skiing will probably be as good as ever next season. wonder who he will work with next?


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