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I have just come across a veryInteresting new film out of France on a long-hidden, yet quite prevalent issue in ski racing and sport in general. Many of us are aware of many similar situations here across the US and Canadian ski racing community and have been witness to it in many other sports such as the recent US Gymnastics fiasco. I believe this film, hopefully which will be subtitled in English be mandatory viewing at ski clubs, academies, ski camps, coaching conferences etc.


Having been involved in the ski racing community for years I have heard countless stories, rumours and allegations along these lines and whether all were true or not often where there is smoke there is a fire. The more these issues can be brought to the forefront the better chance they can be mitigated and hopefully eliminated.

Below is the films description, excuse the French to English translation.

“Slalom,” a film echoing moral and sexual violence in sport

Slalom will be released in theaters on November 4, 2020. The film traces the story of a promising young skier under the influence of her trainer, echoing moral and sexual violence in sport, a window on our entire society.

Slalom : the film traces the story of Lyz, 15, who has just joined a prestigious ski-study section of the Lycée Bourg-Saint-Maurice. “Fred, ex-champion and now coach, decided to bet everything on his new recruit. Lyz, galvanized by the support of Fred, invests body and soul and goes from success to success. At 15, you have no physical or emotional limits. Lyz falls under the absolute grip of Fred. Will the explosive energy of adolescence give Lyz the strength to regain his freedom? », Completes the synopsis. A film directed by two women, Charlène Favier and Marie Talon, echoing the revelations of moral and sexual violence in the ski industry in particular, as Claudine Emonet was able to do last winter.

— Barry Levinson
Vail, CO

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