The Norwegian Alpine ski team had a solid season. Aleksander Aamodt Kilde won the overall globe, while Henrik Kristoffersen secured the crystal globe in both slalom and giant slalom. 

“We focus on safeguarding and developing what we built to deliver top-level results with dominant national teams in both genders and all disciplines,” said Sports Manager Claus Johan Ryste. “The Covid-19 situation means that we must take responsibility and reduce both the staff and the number of skiers. Due to canceled events at the end of the season, there will be decreasing budgets and more training in Norway.”


“We have therefore set up strict national team selections at A and B level and are concerned about economies of scale for the teams, both women and men, in the upcoming period,” added Ryste. “The national teams are reduced in total by five people from 30 to 25, and it means that we can be competitive in the forthcoming season despite significant changes.”

Alpine national teams 2020-2021:

A Team


  • Ragnhild Mowinckel, Rival Sports Club
  • Kristin Anna Lysdahl, Bærum’s Ski Club
  • Mina Fürst Holtmann, Bærum’s Ski Club


  • Leif Kristian Nestvold Haugen, Lommedalens IL
  • Kjetil Jansrud, Peer Gynt Alpin
  • Henrik Kristoffersen, Rælingen Ski Club
  • Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, Lommedalen IL
  • Rasmus Windingstad, Bærum’s Ski Club
  • Adrian Smiseth Sejersted, Stabæk IF
  • Lucas Braathen, Bærum’s Ski Club
  • Sebastian Johann Foss Solevåg, Spjelkavik IL

B Team


  • Kajsa Vickhoff Lie, Bærum Ski Club
  • Thea Stjernesund, Hakadal IL
  • Maria Tviberg, Geilo IL
  • Kristina Riis-Johannessen, Ready
  • Kaja Norbye, IL Heming


  • Jonathan Nordbotten, Ingierkollen / Rusted Slalåmklubb
  • Timon Haugan, Oppdal alpine
  • Fabian Wilkens Solheim, IL Heming
  • Atle Lie Mcgrath, Bærum Ski Club

C Team


  • Marte Monsen, Aron Sports Club
  • Andrine Mårstøel, Haugen IL
  • Tuva Norbye, IL Heming

Release courtesy of FIS Alpine and the Norwegian Ski Federation.

To read official communication from the Norwegian Ski Federation, click here.


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