The Waxroom is alpine skiing’s cocktail napkin; it’s where yarns are spun, scores settled, ideas chronicled, and like all good waxrooms, it’s really just a garage. It’s where we tinker talk and discover. And, it’s become my NBC World Cup broadcast booth. This is where I reach out to the world of skiing and I invite you to come along and have a listen.

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Most years I spend two days every week traveling cross country or overseas to cover the Alpine World Cup, World Championships, and Olympics for NBC. Because of Covid, my new commute is the 30 seconds it takes to get to the third bay of my garage, aka my broadcast booth and my waxroom. So, I’ve got a bit more time on my hands to share with you all the stories I hear each week and have come across over my 40 plus years in the sport. It’s the fodder that never makes air, a chance to put on my reporter hat on, and an opportunity to share the conversations I have with characters and cognoscenti of the sport of skiing. Here’s a bit more of what I mean … 

Episode 1: Ski racing in the COVID era w/ Chip Knight

The good, the bad, and the silver linings related to ski racing this year in the era of Covid. U.S. Ski and Snowboard Alpine Development Director Chip Knight helps lay out what it takes to pull off races this year, best practices and what the calendar might look like this year. No denying these are tough times, but might some of the practices required to navigate Covid-19 in 2021, become common practices down the road. Let’s not let a good pandemic go to waste. 



  1. Steve,
    I have been an avid skier since 1970 and still love to ski.
    I watch all the World Cup events, love your analysis and commentary.

  2. Dear Steve,Very well done,your chat with Chip was right on,You conducted a very good interview.
    And Mr.Knight was very helpful,I’m sure,for the information to go out to all the alpine ski parents.
    I’m no ski dad,however,I have met and known a bunch of ski moms and dads.I worked for the best Race/ski prep store/shop in Utah.I loved it when the young racers came in,while their mom waited in the car!Most U14,U16’s would bring in a pair of each,trainers and race day skis.
    Good covid info,Pino and Chip.
    P.S.Steve,I watched the re air of the men’s DH from Bormio last night,the Steve and Steve coverage with Steven!!From the waxroom/Garage!Nyman was a great addition!Steven’s entrance was outstanding.Good sports,NBCsn,NBC,Olympic channel,Peacock!!!

  3. Update on the Jackson December FIS races: JHSC held four days of slalom at Snow King, two days boys and two days girls, two slaloms each day. Four courses set, raced the first one, racers inspected the next course during the run, then moved right into the second run, and so on. Raced from 9 am to about 2:30 each day. Good field, from some college racers (including a few Western refugees from eastern programs not racing this winter) to lots of first year 999s. Racers could not go into the lodge, except to use bathrooms – if they needed to warm up, they could get in their team van in the parking lot (with good view of the course). Restaurant in the lodge was closed. Lucked out on the weather – for the King, positively tropical, topping out in high 20s each day. Racers kept the same bibs through all four races, with the top 15 and the 999’s at the back running in scrambled order. No gatekeepers – course crew and jury did the gatekeeping. Everyone had to mask up when not on course and stand six feet away from each other – and the club had “Covid police” asking for rules compliance. Good racing conditions, good experience, and many scored points!


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