In light of current events, we decided to do our part in having difficult conversations regarding the lack of diversity in ski racing. First, we talk to Andre Horton, former speed-skier on the U.S. Ski Team, and a pioneer for black Americans in the sport. He speaks eloquently and candidly about his often-poignant story and gives us valuable insights from his perspective. Then we meet Benjamin Alexander, a Jamaican citizen with an unbelievable story, who fell in love with skiing later in life. He speaks about his pursuit of 2022 Winter Olympic qualification and offers ideas about skiing’s diversity problem. 

Andre kindly offered for anyone to reach out to him, at [email protected]


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  1. Andre, Awesome interview. Great insight on not just on being a black ski racer but on what it means to be an athlete and ski racer and to pursue your dreams. If you get the chance, and it looks like you do, get out and speak to young skiers and ski cubs you should do that. Peter

  2. I feel this interview of Andre is grande. Andre is a true thinker, a wise thinker, a natural leader.
    telling the sport “Immersion” is a unique message Andre. vey unique.


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