We bring you another all-encompassing story this week: this time it is a comprehensive look at college ski racing with trusted source, author, and former World Cup speed skier Edie Thys Morgan (3:50). Then we meet World Cup Paralympic skier Connor Hogan, who has an inspiring story (41:00). Finally, we wrap things up as usual but get a surprise call from a now-recurring guest from Long Island (52:21).

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  1. Edie Thys Morgan and Jimmy Krupka,…. fascinating and terrific discussion about college racing. I enjoyed the topics covered. I benefited from the passion for skiing and ski racing that oozed out of your exchange. The passion for pursuing ski racing is a fire that lights up other life arenas where the pursuit of the “dream” is a key to the journey to success. My passion for skiing was coal that was kindled to a flame by a mutual skiing hero,…. Hans Standteiner. Hans was my Ski School Director (1964-68) at Indianhead Mountain in the U.P. of Michigan. Sal Hannah laid out the Eastern style trails during the early expansion of Indianhead. Living a life seasoned by skiing catches you in a net full of wonderful people. Thank you for your passion, experiences and sharing.

      • A favorite Hansi-ism,… after you had made what you considered a pretty good training run in slalom, Hans would kiddingly remark “You didn’t look good but, you were slow”! After that joking jab he would offer constructive evaluation that would build confidence and suggest technical improvement. Advice always given with that Hansi twinkle in his eye.


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