The arc-carving, hip-dragging giant slalom legend Ted Ligety hops on the show to talk about—well, everything that we can possibly get to in the time allotted. We talk about his underdog beginnings, his surprise victory in the 2006 Olympic Combined, his entrepreneurial side, his record-breaking 2012-13 season, juggling family life, and retirement plans… All that and more, in this milestone episode for our quickly-growing podcast.

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  1. Awesome Jimmy how you asked Ted Ligety about how to get tuned into the proper timing of GS.
    And Ted gave such an interesting answer. It was also interesting how Ted said he uses certain cues
    to find his timing. Very few coaches in the world have the knowledge to give the kind of guidance Ted gave on your podcast. Thanks so much for asking Ted your questions about GS !!!


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