Ski Racing Media opposes discrimination of any kind and the use of unnecessary force by police. We support efforts to make the world a safer place for all people. Over the past week, we have been listening and have engaged in conversations about the lack of diversity in our sport. We know we can do better. As part of that effort, Ski Racing Media will support Winter4Kids with an initial $5,000 donation.

Winter4Kids is a non-profit organization focused on bringing winter sports to underprivileged kids in the tri-state area. Through their programs, inner-city youth are able to experience the joy of alpine skiing, nordic skiing, and snowboarding through experiential learning and mentorship, encouraging kids to become lifetime enthusiasts through academy programs and local competitions. The National Winter Activity Center (NWAC), located in Vernon, New Jersey, is home to these programs, giving kids of all backgrounds a space to enjoy the outdoors and embrace the opportunities that come with it. 


In addition to their everyday mission, Winter4Kids is actively involved in exposing their youth to high-level ski racing. This past February, Winter4Kids and the NWAC hosted New Jersey’s first-ever NorAm event in an effort to bridge the gap between local and elite athletes while connecting a wider audience to the highest levels of the sport. 

“At each moment and each day we, all of us, are getting better at being better,” said Winter4Kids President and CEO Schone Maillet in a statement earlier this week. “At Winter4Kids and the National Winter Activity Center, we make a difference and change lives. Our classroom is the outdoors and on snow. With each session and every kid who participates, we continue to develop healthy lifestyles, enable dreams, create new enthusiasts. We help them turn unimaginable dreams into inevitable opportunities. Their future will not be one of fear, anxiety, and apprehension. They will choose hope.”

If you would like to donate, support, or learn more about the work Winter4Kids does to make winter sports more diverse and inclusive, please visit


  1. I would love to see a goal of the US Ski Team is to have an African-American or any other minority on a World Cup or Olympic podium in alpine ski racing. Obviously from our experience with other U.S. sports teams the talent is there, we just need to provide these kids with the opportunity. Maybe one of the kids in the photo can become the next Lindsey Vonn. In these difficult times, diversity solves a lot of problems.

  2. Well said Mark Wolcott, that has been the mission of the National Brotherhood of Skiers for well over 40 years, “to identify, develop and support athletes of color who will win international and Olympic winter sports competitions representing the United States and to increase participation in winter sports”. We are striving to reach that goal. Please visit our website http://WWW.NBS.ORG, if you can, make a donation that can help us make this a reality.

  3. Hey Henri, thank you for bringing the NBS back in to this conversation. In my 25 years in the ski industry, I’ve been able to have multiple encounters with the NBS and Ski Week and each time I’m inspired. Point being, our industry is LUCKY to have such a successful and well-run club that has supported participation by African Americans in our sport for decades. We should all be assisting your efforts and especially right now helping to raise up what you’ve been doing all this time. Heading over to donate now. I would encourage you and the NBS to insert yourselves in the Industry conversation about what role it can and should play. Put forward programs that the resorts, ski manufacturers, clubs, and governing bodies can/should/will fund. I applaud Ski Racing for speaking with their wallet vs. just their mouthes.


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