Swiss veteran Fabienne Suter has decided to step back from the World Cup tour after more than a decade of racing.

“And suddenly you know it is time to start something new and to trust in the magic of the beginning, trusting in this spell, the right time has come, new paths to go,” said Suter.

Photo by GEPA pictures/ Harald Steiner
Photo by GEPA pictures/ Harald Steiner

The 32-year-old skier can look back fondly on 15 years and a total of 20 podium finishes on the World Cup, four of them victories. She stood on the podium five times at home races and was allowed to call herself a three-time Swiss National Champion. She competed in two Winter Olympic Games and took part in six World Championships.

For Suter, the highlight of her career was claiming second place in the downhill standings in 2015-16 and collecting a medal at the World Cup Finals in St. Moritz. She made her World Cup debut in December 2002, and in recent years Suter, with her extensive experience, was a support for the younger Swiss athletes.

“Even if the 15 years in the World Cup were not always easy, I mainly take the positive memories, emotions and many nice encounters into my new life.”

Suter does not yet know in detail what activity she will pursue in the future.

“Like the last two years, I will work during the summer months at the Rigi Rope Park in Kuessnacht, working on the farm and helping in the restaurant, which will give me the time to plan my future.”

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