On Wednesday, July 15, Team USA’s Ted Ligety took a hard fall while biking at Deer Valley Resort, resulting in a broken wrist. Ligety jokingly took to Instagram to comment on his injury, saying, “Advice to men with pregnant wife’s. Don’t get hurt two days before the due date.”

Ligety and his wife, Mia Pascoe, are expecting two twin boys to enter their world sooner rather than later. Their son Jax just turned three on June 28.


Ligety didn’t make any reference in his post as to how his injury will affect his skiing. Back in November 2014, the Olympic gold medalist continued to compete after breaking his left wrist training in Vail. Ligety’s main concern, he joked in his post, is being able to hold twins, although he did say it would be an easy way out of changing diapers.



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