U.S. Ski Team athlete Tommy Ford released an injury report on his social media channels Tuesday. Ford says he sustained a knee and hand injury in the Jan. 9 crash in Adelboden. Despite being knocked unconscious and airlifted to the hospital just over two weeks ago, Ford is home in Bend, Ore., recovering. 

Ford crashed three gates from the finish after getting tossed in rough snow besides the course. He fell forward onto his head and left shoulder. Initial diagnosis from U.S. Ski Team report was that Ford’s head and neck had minor injuries and his knee was undergoing further evaluation. 

Ford underwent surgery on his knee and hand at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute. He will require an additional knee surgery after his body rests. While no structural damage affected his head or neck, he is dealing with neck pain and a concussion. Ford will remain home throughout what he anticipates a tough recovery.

“Just over two weeks ago, I crashed in Adelboden. I was knocked unconscious, tore some ligaments in my knee and my hand,” said Ford. “You all reached out in many forms to share your healing and kind thoughts. You have been missed this entire year, but regardless of you being at home, your presence is still felt. Thank you all so much. I have been recovering well at home in Bend.

“My knee was mostly repaired just over a week ago by the good folks at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute,” he added. “My hand a couple days ago at the same place. There is some more work that needs to be done to fix my knee but needs to wait until my body is ready. My head and neck have no significant structural damage even though I am still dealing with some neck pain and a concussion. It will be a tough road of recovery and I’ll keep you updated. Until then, take care and let’s keep moving.”


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