Welcome to the first installment in an exclusive athlete profile series for Ski Racing Media. “Under the Helmet” will provide a first-hand perspective from Canadian up-and-comers whose name you may not know yet. Who better to hear from than directly from the athlete?

In this week’s edition of “Under the Helmet,” we feature Sarah Bennett, representing Ski Québec Alpin and the Quebec ski team – she’s also designated as “Next Gen” with Alpine Canada. Bennett takes us through her hard-working journey from the end of last season to where she is today, training at Panorama, B.C., preparing for the rigors of qualifying for a full time spot on the national ski team. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, from the start of the pandemic to today, and her upbeat, energetic and hard-working attitude is ready to inspire in this athlete video edit.

Sarah Bennett by the numbers

  • FIS podiums – 25  (8 wins)
  • NorAm Top 10 – 10
  • World Juniors – 18th Combined
  • National Champs – fifth GS (Mont Edouard)


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