In Snow Motion’s latest interview release, Chris Waddell, a 13-time Paralympic medalist, sat down with Brenda Buglione for a chairlift interview at Beaver Creek. Waddell has been a skier racer for most of his life, competing on the FIS circuit before joining Middlebury College’s team on the NCAA circuit. His accident, which occurred prior to his graduation from college, did not drive him away from the sport. A little over a year later, Waddell found monoskiing and made it his goal to become the best monoskier in the world. Thus far, Waddell holds the winningest male monoskier in Paralympic history.

In addition to his backstory, Buglione discusses Waddell’s epic journey to become the first paraplegic athlete to ever summit Mt. Kilimanjaro and his new memoir that depicts the ups and downs of his journey as a paraplegic athlete.




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