In her latest episode of ‘In My Head’, Mikaela Shiffrin dives into her thoughts during the run that brought her her fourth consecutive slalom win in Killington Vermont. Shiffrin breaks down her emotions and her skiing from the start house to the finish, taking us through step by step what she’s thinking while skiing at one of her favorite venues.

In My Head || Killington Slalom 2019

On this beautiful 1st day of May, I send you my thoughts on the Killington Resort slalom and one of those creepy smiles that I make when I’m ‘tired-happy’ (check out the video to know what I’m talking about ????????????). Cameo by Muffin ???? #weareskiing ATOMIC SKIING Land Rover ????: U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team

Posted by Mikaela Shiffrin on Friday, May 1, 2020


  1. I loved so much about this segment: 1) MS has humanity: She has emotions, doubts, worry as well as confidence, belief, and excitement (as the saying sort of goes, “She puts her speed suit on one leg at a time”); 2) MS has humility: She makes mistakes and owns them; 3) It’s not automatic: She has to psych herself up in the start and get her mind in the right place; 4) Remember when she was “slow” to the first split? Now she turns her nerves into fight by adopting an “aggressive mindset;” 5) She knows that what works for her doesn’t necessarily work with other racers; 6) It’s not easy being great, even for her; 7) She’s really funny, even goofy (in a good way); 8) She’s a great sport; 9) She’s a great lady!


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