In the U.S., it is a commonly held belief that starting your collegiate ski racing career spells the end for your professional one. The U.S. Ski Team has an aggressive development pipeline with a heavy focus at the high school level, but once you enter higher education it seems to all but disappears. While “Develop them while they’re young” isn’t the wrong approach, the fact that there is little-to-no support on the national level for older athletes has helped to create this culture of “now or never.” 

There are many ways to continue racing at a high level while juggling an education, and it is through this video series that we hope to showcase each unique approach pursued by student-athletes who are accomplishing their dreams in an uncompromising manner while challenging stereotypes that have stood for far too long.


In this second episode of World Cup Athletes of the NCAA, we follow around AJ Ginnis, a long time competitor on the White Circus and a new addition to the Dartmouth Ski Team. 

This season marks AJ’s return to competition following a 12-month absence after sustaining a knee injury. We explore his journey back to the World Cup, and his new life studying at Dartmouth full time.

Video: Tucker Marshall Photos: Max Hall