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Skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers are often intimidated by the challenges they face. SHRED.’s unique eyewear and protection design and technology boost performance to give you the confidence to reach the next level, feel like a pro, and have fun.

Race Retail Stores

Find a retailer near you to fulfill your race discount priced order 

Pacific Northwest 

Powder Hound Ski Shop, AK

Boreal, CA

East 4th Skate, CA

Granite Chief, CA

Nashbar, CA

Race Werks, ID

Bluezone Sports, NV

Bachelor, OR

Doug’s Hood River, OR

Race Place, OR


Rocky Mountain

A Racers Edge, CO

Christy Sports, CO

Copper, CO

Eldora, CO

Foothills Ski Life, CO

Over the Edge Tuning, CO

Podium Sports, CO

Vail Ski Club, CO

2Mikes LLC, UT, UT

Cole Sports, UT

Lifthouse, UT

Teton, WY

New England

Ski World, FL

Peter Glenn of Vermont, GA

Colorado Ski, MA

RJ Bradleys, MA

Happy Tunes, ME

Sportshaus Snow and Water, ME

Artech, NH

Ken Jones Ski Mart and Snow, NH

Mountain Dogs, NH

Rodger’s, NH

Ski Fanatics, NH

Sport Thoma, NH

Stan and Dan, NH

Hunterdon Ski an Snowboard, NJ

Mud, Sweat N’ Gears, NY

Sports Page, NY

Action Sports Optics, VT

Killington, VT

Mountain Ops, VT

Peak Performance, VT

Race Stock Sports, VT

The Boot Pro, VT

The Startingate, INC., VT

Totem Pole Ski Shop, VT

Driftland Ski and Sport, WV


Bahnhof Sport, MI

Bill and Paul’s Sporthaus, MI, MI

Gear West, MN

Pierce Skate an Ski, MN

Pinewskis’s, MN


For all further questions about equipment and order details, reach out to Mark Syrovatka, [email protected]



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