The U.S. Ski Team’s Lindsey Vonn has been in the spotlight for years now. Between her 20 World Cup globes, dating (and then breaking up with) Tiger Woods and attending red carpet events like the Billboard Music Awards, she has made a name for herself both on and off the slopes. Vonn is putting all she’s learned in a new book, titled “Strong is the New Beautiful,” which is scheduled to be released in October 2016 by Dey Street Books.

“‘Strong is the New Beautiful’ is filled with all of the expert information and guidance you need to make the right choices for your life whether you are an athlete, a fitness buff or someone who is hoping to get on the right track,” Vonn said in a press release from the publisher. “My book teaches you how to get strong, stay strong and embrace your natural beauty. It is the perfect companion for living life to the fullest.”

The book will provide never-before-seen training routines, nutritional guidance, and exclusive tips and tricks picked up from the pros, according to advance information on the title. Naturally, the book will include photos of Vonn demonstrating her fitness plan, focusing on strength and self-confidence.

“Lindsey Vonn is the most successful downhill racer of all time, whose sensational athleticism both on and off the slopes is matched only by her winning personality and her phenomenal sense of style,” said Lisa Sharkey, senior vice president and director of creative development at Harper Collins. “This book chronicles Lindsey Vonn’s life story – focusing on her fearlessness, and zest for living the fullest life despite the multiple bone-shattering injuries that have threatened to end her career. Readers will learn so much about her and themselves as they dig into the pages of this incredible book. It is an honor to be publishing Vonn’s story, which can change the way people eat, train and think about life. Strong really is the new beautiful.”

A release courtesy of Harper Collins was used for portions of this article