NorAm downhill  racing in Lake Louise concluded Thursday with excellent racing.  After two days of training the course and a day of racing it, the men’s and women’s fields were fully prepared to attack the line on the last day of downhill. 

“The snow for the first two training runs was pretty slow in comparison to the first day of racing,” Katie Twible, coach for the U.S. team said. 

This meant the heat was on to reach the finish line first. Athletes needed to leave their fears at the start, let the skis run and find their tuck when needed, Twible added. The ability to gain speed on certain parts of the course was crucial on the first race day for the men’s field, as Jeffery Read who took first and Cameron Alexander who came in second were only .01 apart. Third place was not far off when Kyle Alexander came in .06 behind the winner to complete the podium. 

On the women’s side for the first day of DH racing, the Americans grasped gold as Keely Cashman stepped onto the top of the podium with a time of 1:01.10. Stefanie Fleckenstein came in second .53 behind Cashman and Isabella Wright snuck into third, .81 behind. 

Cameron Alexander (CAN), Jeffery Read (CAN) and Sam Morse (USA) comprised the podium on day two of men’s downhill in Lake Louise.

The second day of racing that concluded the 4-day run of DH was fast and exciting. It was another gorgeous day and the track was carved out. The women ended the morning with U.S. skiers sweeping the podium. Alix Wilkinson struck gold with a screaming time of 1:00.99. Not far behind, Keely Cashman tucked into second place .31 behind Wilkinson, and Isabella Wright finished .36 off of first. 

The men’s second day of racing was another superb day for the Canadian Team reigning in on a first and second place finish. Cameron Alexander threw down a better run than the first day of racing to win the gold over Jeffery Read. Alexander tucked across the finish line with a fast time of 1:16.69. Jeffery Read ended with a fast time as well, only .04 behind Cameron Alexander. Sam Morse from the U.S. Team was able to gain a podium spot .64 behind Alexander. 

Tune in Friday for the last race of the NorAm Lake Louise Speed Series with the men and women’s SG runs. It should be an awesome day of racing with no snow expected and colder conditions. 

*Top 10 results from the last day of DH are posted below. 

Women’s DH Race Day 2

  1. Alix Wilkinson USA 1:00.99
  2. Keely Cashman USA +0.31
  3. Isabella Wright USA +0.36
  4. Stefanie Fleckenstein CAN +0.89
  5. Lauren Macuga USA +0.94
  6. Ella Renzoni CAN +2.15 
  7. Olivia Holm USA +2.22
  8. Katrina Van Soest CAN +2.29
  9. Kiara Alexander CAN +2.92
  10. Claire Timmermann CAN +3.18

For complete results, click here.

Men’s DH Race Day 2

  1. Cameron Alexander CAN 1:16.69 
  2. Jeffery Read CAN +0.04
  3. Sam Morse USA +0.64
  4. Kyle Alexander CAN +0.86
  5. Kyle Negomir USA +0.88
  6. James Crawford CAN +1.01
  7. Adur Etxezarreta ESP +1.05
  8. Wiley Maple USA +1.31
  9. Brodie Seger CAN +1.45
  10. Filip Platter SWE +1.68

For complete results, click here.

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