Markus Larsson of Sweden and Anemone Marmottan of France both announced their retirement from the World Cup circuit, each leaving behind unique legacies.

Larsson, also known as “Mackan,” had 206 World Cup starts in his career as well as two victories. He is one of only seven Swedish male skiers to win two or more World Cup races.

“I feel incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to engage in professional skiing for so many years,” Larsson said via translation. “I look today back at the 17 years that I competed in the alpine World Cup and my victories in slalom are definitely some of the absolute highlights of my career.”

Marmottan had a shorter World Cup career, skiing 90 races and snagging a lone podium finish in Are, Sweden, in 2014.  In her announcement on her website, she said she had many proud memories from her career. Because of her injuries – a broken tibia and fibula in 2011 and a torn ACL in 2014 – the French athlete said she can no longer compete to her fullest potential and has opted to step away from the circuit. 

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