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Killington Mountain School

Address: 2708 Killington Road Killington, Vermont 05751

Phone: 802-422-5671


Founded: 1974

Head of School: Tao Smith

Grades: 6 through PG

Category: Full year school with winter term option, Day School, KSC Development Program; BOOST Programs

Full Term Boarding Student $54,738.00
Full Term Day Student  $43,708.00
Winter Term High School  Boarding Student  $41,543.00
Winter Term High School Day Student $33,362.00
Winter Term Middle School Boarding Student $32,350.00
Winter Term Middle School Day Student $26,000
PG Program $19,944.00
BOOST Elite Program $6000.00

Financial Aid:

Academic Approach: KMS provides academic instruction for motivated student-athletes and is a State-of-Vermont-approved secondary school. In 2015, KMS was awarded full institutional accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and College (NEASC). The KMS program combines a STEM-based curriculum with a humanities based Seminar Series, challenging students to consider their place in the world and their role as global citizens. Utilizing a blended-learning approach, we help students develop skills such as Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical-Thinking. The KMS program encourages each student to identify their academic and athletic passions, be resourceful and be self-directed. Our faculty and our unique mission challenges students to achieve their personal best in mind, body and spirit. Our record of college placement is exceptional, routinely placing graduates in their first choice schools and in top top colleges and universities.

Athletic Approach: Killington Mountain School offers student-athletes the opportunity to pursue excellence in five athletic disciplines: ski racing, cycling, freestyle skiing, freeskiing and snowboarding as well as participating on the lacrosse team in the spring. At KMS, athletics is a core part of the curriculum. Integrated into the academic offerings, one’s sport is as much a part of the school experience as are the core academic subjects. Every sport is supported by a science-based strength and conditioning program, which allows KMS student-athletes to match their physical conditioning programs to their competitive goals and to reach their potential. At KMS we train the whole athlete — mind, body, and spirit. We are committed to instilling a lifelong passion for sport and to assist athletes in recognizing the importance of goal setting and teamwork to achieve individual success. From physical conditioning to mental preparation, our athletes are equipped for success in the most competitive circuits in the United States and abroad.

Notable Coaches: Tom Sell, Gar Trayner, Jack Bailey, Lon Brettell, Pavel Stastny, Chelsea Marshall, Greg Hardy, Peter Girardi, Kip Spangler, Kyle Tracy, Greg Hadley Jeff Juneau, Devon Gulick, Kris Pepe, Nori Pepe, Ali Kariotis, Peter Dubois, Alex Denny

Training Facilities: Killington Resort, the largest resort in eastern North America, is located less than a mile from campus; four fully homologated racing hills including Super G; Fully homologated freestyle hill; 5 terrain parks with a pipe Three on-site athletic facilities which include a year-round action sports center with two Olympic trampolines; classrooms; trainer facilities; coaches offices.

Mission Statement: 

The KMS Experience… 

…is an educational opportunity for the student-athlete with high aspirations and steadfast integrity.  We are a community united by shared passions and a competitive spirit; our commitment to each other is built upon teamwork and mutual respect.

Combining rigorous, college-preparatory academics with world-class athletic training in a personalized setting, our students learn to balance their responsibilities in a diverse environment that includes competition and world travel. It is the mission of the Killington Mountain School to facilitate this dynamic by providing a highly individualized program, skilled teachers and coaches, a dedicated staff and the technological infrastructure to support distance learning.

We believe that the greatest lessons at Killington Mountain School come from facing challenges with courage and grace.  These experiences of failure and success provide unmatched opportunities for personal growth and create a lasting will to persevere. Our graduates are uniquely prepared for life beyond KMS.

Killington Mountain School’s core values are summarized by the acronym RILER:

• Respect

• Integrity

• Leadership

• Excellence

• Responsibility

We strive to bring these five principles to all aspects of life at KMS from the dorm room to the hill.

Notable Alumni:

US Ski Team Members

Kristin Leggett ’09, Lindsay Cone ’06, Stefan Hughes PG ’05, Megan Trayner ’01, Kyle Wieche ’85 (Albertville Olympic Team), Scott Smith ’79, Brad Hogan, US Freestyle Team Members, Hannah Soar ’17, Abe Studler ’15, Thomas Rowley ’11, Bryan Zemba ’10, Nick Keating ’10 US World Cup Starts, Kelsey Albert ’07 US World Cup Starts, Michael Morse ’99 Vancouver Olympics, 2008 National Mogul and Dual Mogul Champion, Evan Dybvig ’97 Nagano and Salt Lake Olympics, Two-time National Champion, Alex Wilson ’97 Nagano Olympics, Luke Westerlund ’98  2004 US National Mogul Champio, Steve Desovich ’83 Australian National Team, Head Mogul Coach, Chuck Martin ’83  Albertville Olympics, Bobby Aldigheri ’83  Albertville Olympics, Jim Eddy ’81, Diana Williams ’81, Glenn Eddy ’79 – USFST Mogul Coach, John Witt ’79

NCAA Division I Racers 

Lily Hogan ‘16 (Colby College), John Schwartz ‘15 (Middlebury College), James Ferri ’14 (Dartmouth), Michael Ferri ’13 (Colby College), Cameron Price;13 (Colby College), Kristie Ryan;12 (Boston College), Dylan Malone ’12 (Bates College), Dan Martin ’12 (Saint Lawrence University), Alison Visconti ’11 (Saint Lawrence University), James Ryan ’10 (Colby College, Timothy Spangler ’10 (Saint Michaels College), Johnny Canney ’07 (Bates College, NCAA Championships ’11), Zach Clayton ’07 (UNH; First-Team All-American Honors), Heidi Robbins ’07 (Saint Lawrence University, Saint Michael’s College), Brian Swartz ’05 (Middlebury College), Arley Kemmerer ’02 (UNH), Greg Petrics ’01 (Middlebury College), David Coriell ’01 (Middlebury College; All-American Honors), Kristen Copeland ’98 (UNH), Dave Ehringer ’97 (UVM, Fred Coriell Jr. ’97 (Middlebury College), Mike Copeland ’96 (UNH), Kina Pickett ’92 (Bates College), Derek McClellan ’92 (UVM), Stever Bartlett ’92 (St. Lawrence, US Ski Team Coach), Kristi Brown ’87 (UVM), Jim Bianchi ’87 (Boston College), Mark Smith ’79 (UVM)

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