Location: Stowe, VT

Phone: 802-253-7409 (Academy) 802-253-7704 (Club)

Website: www.mmsca.org

Founded: 1934 (Club), 1995 (Academy)

Grades: 6 through PG

Category: Full year school with winter term option

Day School Cost: Full year – $42,000, Session 1 – U 14 Day Student $27,000, U16/19 Day Student $30,000, PG $22,000 ,  Session 2 – U12/14 Day Student $20,500

Boarding School Cost: Full year – $52,000, Session 1 – U 14 Boarding Student – $33,500, U16/19 Boarding Student – $36,500, Session 2 – U 14 Boarding Student – $25,000

Financial Aid: Yes

Notable Coaches:

Igor Vanovac, Executive Director, Micheline Lemay, Junior Program Director, Ben Blakely, U14 Coach Operations Director, Sheila Decker, Director of Strength & Conditioning, Jill Barile, FIS Womens’ Coach, Taber Engelken, FIS Mens’ coach, Jeremy Lawless, U19 coach, Garrett Lashar, U16 Coach, Connnor Kelly, U16 Coach, Mike Leach, U16 Coach, Collin Moffatt, U16 Coach, Dustin Martin, U12 coach, Tom Silva Junior Development Coach

Notable Alumni:

Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Jimmy Cochran, Timmy Cochran, Robby Kelley, Jess Kelley, Tiger Shaw, Chip Knight, Sandra Schoepke, Trent Gutstien, Dustin Martin, Susan Larson, Billy Kidd

Featured Alumni

Academic Approach:

Mt. Mansfield Academy is a Vermont approved independent school committed to offering an outstanding educational and athletic experience to its student-athletes. The Academy has developed an excellent educational reputation, 100% of our MMA students have continued their educational pursuits through colleges, universities, or certificate study programs.

MMA offers a Full Year and Winter Term option for enrollment for student-athletes that provides them with different pathways to pursue both their academic and athletic goals. 

The Full Year curriculum’s course offerings include traditional extracurricular and academic subjects in addition to AP-level courses, a research project and presentation, and a service-learning component at each grade level. Student services include academic support, goal setting & self-study, college search and planning, life skills, mental wellness, study skills, and time management.  Students work with an advisor who assists them with short-term and long-term goals academically, athletically, socially, and personally.

Winter Term students are taught utilizing an academic model that allows the attending student and his/her MMA teachers to coordinate academic delivery using their homeschool curriculum. Teachers connect with schools throughout the winter term to gauge pacing, accurate content coverage, and expectations to ensure a smooth transition upon return in the spring.

MMA is proud of its family environment where independence, advocacy, dedication, and empathy are developed.  Student-athletes and staff make the most of every opportunity that a small community can offer. The bonds created, sharing of diverse passions and unique life experiences combine to ensure an impactful education academically and athletically.

Athletic Approach:

Physical literacy and resilience are two keys to athletic success and the cornerstones of MMA’s long-term athletic development plan. Physical literacy describes athletic ability possessed by an individual resulting from a multi-year periodized approach. This culminates in peak agility, balance, coordination, and speed combined with aerobic and physical fitness in a student-athlete. Resilience and adaptability manifests as cognitive strength learned by a student-athlete through metered, habitual training to provide the fortitude that is required to achieve greatness athletically, academically, professionally, and socially.

Training sessions target the mastery of technical and tactical skills by focusing on fundamental skill acquisition, fitness, and progression specific to the developmental stage and ability of the individual student-athlete. Early in her/his athletic career student-athletes begin by spending much of their time on fundamental skill acquisition through tailored drills, directed freeskiing, and gate environments to foster good habits in high volume training plans. Moving through their career the balance progressively shifts towards greater time spent in race simulated gate training environments and the mastery of the sport through continued repetition and the revisiting of drills and skill quests.

The success of developing quality ski racers experienced at MMA is owed to the ability to provide individual attention that is tailored to every student in the MMA family.

Training Facilities:

MMSCA Clubhouse, Spruce Peak at Stowe Mountain Resort, Mt Mansfield Athletic Center (built 2017)
Training Venues: 

On-snow Venues – Three homologated race and training venues 

Main Street is located on Spruce Peak and has a maximum vertical drop of 425m and length of 1640m, is our premiere and world renown venue. FIS homologated for SG, GS, and slalom; it offers terrain that is challenging yet comfortable to ensure competence and strong capability instilling confidence in our student-athletes.

Slalom and Competition Hill are used frequently by every training group at MMA, from our Junior Program to our FIS training groups. Slalom Hill’s sharp transition at the knoll challenges and inspires confidence in a manner that allows our athletes to work on skills and improve tactics.

Competition Hill’s moderate rolling pitch is perfect for skill progressions in slalom and GS. It is utilized for Open races as well as regular training for all our training groups from our Junior Program to our FIS training groups.

The Clubhouse located ten minutes from our Academic Campus on Mountain Road is uniquely positioned. A short ski from there to three quad chair lifts provides a convenient location to support daily training. Athletes have access to lockers included in their tuition, a private parking lot, our state-of-the-art Ski Service Center, and plenty of room to warm up, cool down, and review video comfortably. Family members of student-athletes have access to season locker rentals on a first come first served basis.

The Fitness Center is located on our academic campus on Mountain Road and is our primary site for strength & conditioning and recovery therapy. Sessions are supervised by our certified athletic trainer (ATC) and certified strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS) along with the same MMA coaching staff our student-athletes train with on snow. This type of crossover brings cohesion among the training groups and translates to a deep understanding of the individual student-athlete. The Academic Campus offers ample green space for outdoor workouts, agility training, sports, and study.

Stowe, VT – The town holds countless resources for outdoor sports and activities, shops and restaurants that every family member will enjoy. Hiking, biking, fishing, trails, paths, lakes, ponds and beyond; the area surrounding our academy fosters an outdoor and sporting lifestyle that every student-athlete and staff member alike embraces. Just 45 minutes to Burlington VT, 2 hours to Montreal QC, and 3 hours to Boston MA.

About Mt. Mansfield Academy:

Mt. Mansfield Academy provides the support and direction necessary for each student-athlete to achieve their potential, goals, and dreams. We do this by employing a holistic approach providing both quality academic and athletic programs for student-athletes pursuing ski racing at the elite level. It is our belief that each student-athlete be treated as a unique individual, fostering academic excellence, athletic commitment, independence, confidence, resilience, and respect. Our programs are designed to provide student-athletes with a stimulating and enjoyable opportunity to reach their personal potential as scholars/academics/students, competitors, and most importantly, to instill a lifelong love of the sport while teaching values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership.