Saturday, November 28, 2020

Mt Mansfield Ski Club and Academy

Location: Stowe, VT

Phone: 802-253-7409 (Academy) 802-253-7704 (Club)


Founded: 1934 (Club), 1995 (Academy)

Grades: 6 through PG

Category: Full year school with winter term option

Day School Cost: Full year – $42,000, Session 1 – U 14 Day Student $27,000, U16/19 Day Student $30,000, PG $22,000 ,  Session 2 – U12/14 Day Student $20,500

Boarding School Cost: Full year – $52,000, Session 1 – U 14 Boarding Student – $33,500, U16/19 Boarding Student – $36,500, Session 2 – U 14 Boarding Student – $25,000

Financial Aid: Yes

Notable Coaches:

Lorant Gudasz, Level 300, Igor Vanovac, Level 300, Ben Blakely, Level 300, Taber Englken, SLU ‘17, Jill Barille, Colby Sawyer ‘18, Connor Kelly, Castleton

Notable Alumni: Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Jimmy Cochran, Timmy Cochran, Jess Kelley, Sandra Schoepke, Trent Gutenstein

Featured Alumni

Academic Approach: Our program is built upon the philosophy of quality rather than quantity. We purposely limit our enrollment in order to ensure that we are delivering the very best experience for student-athletes. Ours is a unique environment in which academics are a priority and our training program, Mt. Mansfield Ski Club, is the best in the East. It is an individualized program where each athlete receives a great deal of one-on-one attention both in the classroom and on the hill.
The Academy is approved by the Vermont Agency of Education in the same manner as all public and private schools in the state with the right to confer a high school diploma. Students are actively involved in their course direction and develop time management, communication, and study skills.  Students are also expected to maintain high standards in course work as well as maintain a positive, engaged attitude both in the classroom and in training. 

Athletic Approach: MMSCA’s athletic program concentrates on the progression of athleticism and cognitive strength in skiing through the habitual development of physical literacy in student-athletes through time. Effectively executed training sessions target the mastery of technical and tactical skills within multi-year periodized training plans focusing on fundamental skill acquisition and progression specific to the development of the individual student-athlete. Adaptable alpine ski racers are developed through exposure to a variety of fun and challenging gate, non-gate, and all-mountain training environments. Versatile skills, mobility, and physical fitness are enhanced through complementary sports and activities. Aerobic fitness as well as agility, balance, coordination, and resilience are required to achieve success in high levels of alpine ski competition.

Training Facilities:

MMSCA Clubhouse, Spruce Peak at Stowe Mountain Resort, Mt Mansfield Athletic Center (built 2017)
Training Venues: 
Main Street, Slalom Hill, Competition Hill

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