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Address: Ludlow, Vermont

Phone: 802-228-1513


Founded: 1992

Grades: 5 through PG

Category:Winter term only academy

Application Deadline: 4/01/2020

Tuition: $27,800 Winter Term, $17,999 Target Term A/B $25,100, Target Term C $19,450

Financial Aid: No

Notable Coaches: Chris Hurka – Alpine Program Director/Head Men’s U16 Coach; Roger Kimball – Head Men’s FIS Coach; Bobby Jones – Head Women’s U16 Coach; John Tyler – Head Women’s FIS Coach; Marc Stuart – U16 Coach; Jet Robbins – Head U14 Coach; George Abraham – U14 Coach; Tylan Calcagni – U14 Coach; Sabrina Easton – U14 Coach; Mike Cronin – Head U12 Coach; Luke Bonang – Freestyle Sports Program Director and Head Snowboard Coach; Eddie Johnson – Snowboard Coach; Tyler Emond – Snowboard Coach; Matt Fortuna – Snowboard Coach; Mike Bruno – Head Freeskiing Coach; Frank Provance – Freestyle; Courtney Harvey – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Featured Alumni

Athletic Approach: Unlike many other snow sports academies, Okemo Mountain School remains entirely focused on meeting the needs of winter term participants. OMS’ student-athletes hail from a multitude of other public and private schools where they participate in additional competitive sports, such as cross country, soccer, lacrosse and football. The athletic coaches at OMS encourage and push our student-athletes to pursue their dreams of success with an emphasis on personal best. A low coach to athlete ratio allows for much individualized attention during on-hill and off-hill training sessions. Being a winter term academy allows our student-athletes to not only excel in snow sports, but remain well-rounded four season athletes.

Academic Approach: At Okemo Mountain School, we facilitate each student’s individual curriculum from his or her sending school. Our goal is to ensure that our students return to their sending schools in sync with their classmates, having covered all of the same material in the same manner. Typically our students even return ahead in their coursework, and with a deeper understanding of the course content covered. To achieve this goal of seamless transitions between OMS and sending schools, all of our students’ curriculum plans are completely individualized. 

Furthermore, students enjoy a low faculty-to-student ratio of one to two. We facilitate a wide range of courses, including AP and college prep courses, foreign languages, and visual arts. Okemo Mountain School’s faculty is comprised of many individuals who have taught at OMS for more than five years. Our teachers enjoy working with a variety of curricula and connecting with students individually. To best meet the individual student’s needs, our teachers provide enrichment or remediation in addition to delivering sending school course content. Most faculty members hold a master’s or PhD in their field of study. Our High School Dean of Academics is Leslie Cassano, and our Middle School Dean of Academics is Ericka Priestly.

Training Facilities:

Our student-athletes train on-snow at Okemo Mountain Resort just minutes from our school building. We have a dedicated trail, which is serviced by a triple lift, providing our student-athletes the opportunity for productive training sessions with little time spent waiting in line or riding lifts. Okemo Mountain also generously provides us with other trails whenever needed, such as for full length SG training or simply variety of terrain. The Okemo Mountain parks and pipe also offer world class training to snowboard and freeski student-athletes. Our student-athletes also utilize daily our private fitness facility next door to our academic building for dryland conditioning. The facility houses state of the art strength and conditioning equipment and our in ground trampoline.

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