The Norwegian Ski Federation (NSF) has reached an agreement with slalom star Henrik Kristoffersen for the 2017-18 season that will allow him to be a part of the national team.

“It creates predictability for all parties,” said NSF Alpine Sports Director Claus J. Ryste. “The focus for winter…has been to find good solutions that ensure community and the sporting focus of the national team, and which would safeguard individual wishes and needs.”


Both parties have agreed to disagree regarding the case around his Red Bull sponsorship, and are awaiting further legal proceedings. A part of the new national contract is that Kristoffersen has been authorized to enter into a personal drinking agreement with Red Bull.

The new agreement states that Kristoffersen will join the team on Oct. 1. In the period leading up to October, Kristoffersen will follow a customized training program as agreed upon with the Norwegian Ski Federation. Kristoffersen will bear all personal costs in the training period until Oct. 1.

@jmbertoia and I had the pleasure of working out with the alpine legend Ole Kristian Furuseth today! #crossfitoslo

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Henrik Kristoffersen is pleased that a new agreement is signed.

“It feels very good to have a new national agreement in place, so that I can now focus all my energy on lashing Marcel Hirscher down from the throne next season,” said Kristoffersen. “I am unconditionally happy that I will continue to be part of the team that has the best support system and competitive environment.”

“The stories in the media about the disagreement between the Norwegian Ski Federation and me has not been positive for some,” he continued. “I have no problems to realize that I have contributed to many of the less flattering descriptions that have been performed in the media. Fortunately, reality is considerably more complex and nuanced, and I’ll do my best even better to show off my best sides.”

Release courtesy of the Norwegian Ski Federation