VAL D ISERE,FRANCE,19.DEC.15 - ALPINE SKIING - FIS World Cup, downhill, ladies. Image shows Lara Gut (SUI) . Keywords: trophy. Photo: GEPA pictures/ Andreas Pranter

VAL D’ISERE, France – Swiss star Lara Gut was unsure of what to name her career-first prize cow after putting on a downhill clinic of precision against the best speed skiers in the world, but she was pretty certain of who to ask for some help with the task.

“I never owned one so that’s something new. We’ll figure out what we’re going to do with a cow,” Gut said after a victory that closed the gap to within two points of Lindsey Vonn in the overall World Cup standings. “I’m going to ask my mom because it’s her birthday today, so I think it’s up to her to find a name.”


Gut carved tighter lines down the Oreiller Killy slope than anyone else on the day, ultimately claiming the win by 0.16 seconds over fellow countrywoman Fabienne Suter. Independent Canadian skier Larisa Yurkiw completed the podium in third.

“I had to change just one turn where yesterday I had some troubles. So today I made it the way I wanted. I was pretty happy but then I was like, ‘OK, now stay focused until the finish.’ I was solid, I felt great. I knew that if I’m skiing the way I can, I can be fast. And I was really thinking to do that, so it’s cool,” said Gut, who has now won three races this season in three different disciplines. “It helps me a lot if I’m feeling great in GS. If I’m fast in GS then I’m faster even in super G and downhill. I think the new skis are helping me a lot.”

Pre-race favorite Vonn, who has found both triumphant victory and utter defeat at Val d’Isere in the past, failed to finish her run after catching the inside edge of her left ski just before passing over a roll. With a 0.74-second advantage over then-leader Yurkiw through the second split time, Vonn launched from the terrain out of balance and pulled off an athletic recovery to avoid a crash but was too far off line to continue down the course. She was visibly disappointed after the race and declined interviews in the finish area, but will likely return with a vengeance in Sunday’s giant slalom race at nearby Courchevel.

The runner-up on the day, Suter, has been on an absolute tear in downhill this season. She collected a follow-up second-place finish to one earlier this month at Lake Louise after a two-year podium drought. She was tied with Gut at the first interval and within touch all the way to the finish.

“I never thought before the season that I could have two podiums in three downhills, so I’m very happy and I hope I can continue like this,” Suter said. The 30-year-old World Cup veteran changed up her summer routine which may have contributed, in an unconventional manner, to her early season success. “I was working in an Adventure Park, and … at the beginning it was a little bit hard for me because I was scared to be high up in the trees. I didn’t feel very safe. But by the end I felt very comfortable and I’m proud I made this step. … Sometimes it’s good to do stuff in the summer where you have to take risks, you have to go further than you were, and I think it was a good thing.”

The second podium of the season for Suter was followed up by a second career podium for Yurkiw. The independent skier who participates in a race day cooperation with the German, Swedish, and Norwegian teams found herself back at the flower ceremony for the first time since her second-place finish in Cortina last season after holding the race lead through seven challengers. She posted the fastest opening training run of the week but missed multiple gates in the process.

“This week’s been a bit hairy and the training’s been all over the place, so I’m happy to have pushed. I kind of wanted to get to a point where mistakes might happen but I was in a better place rather than a little bit passive and maybe top 10,” said Yurkiw, who made up significant time on the lower third of the course. “Gas pedal. That bottom section of the course is a highway and there’s no real right way – just a place to send it – so I’ve been fast all week there, and I kind of just trusted that it was all or nothing.”

The U.S. Ski Team was led by Laurenne Ross in 10th and followed by Alice McKennis in 12th, Stacey Cook 16th, and Jackie Wiles, who matched her second-best career finish in 17th. Vonn will race Sunday’s giant slalom, but the rest of the speed team is now looking forward to traveling home for the holidays.

“It was better than any of my runs have been. I had a few spots that I still could clean up a bit, but I kept my speed going and tucked as much as I could. And I’m happy with it given how my body is feeling right now,” said Ross of her result. “We all had really good downhill runs yesterday. We all need to clean things up a little bit. But as a group we’re really pushing each other and excelling together, and it’s cool to have that dynamic to push us in the right direction.”

Tomorrow’s giant slalom at Courchevel, France, is set to start at 10:30 a.m. CET.

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The Scoop
By Hank McKee
1 Gut, Head/Head/Head
2 Suter, Dynastar/Lange/Dynastar
3 Yurkiw, Rossignol/Rossignol/Rossignol
4 Huetter, Volkl/Tecnica/Marker
5 Weirather, Atomic/Atomic/Atomic
5 Suter, Head/Head/Head
7 Schmidhofer, Atomic/Atomic/Atomic
8 Puchner, Atomic/Atomic/Atomic
9 Miklos, Head/Head/Head
10 Ross, Volkl/Lange/Marker

  • Women’s World Cup downhill, Val d’Isere, France, Dec. 19, 2015. … It is the 11th of 41 races on the women’s schedule … the third of nine downhills. … It is the 64th  World Cup downhill held at Val d’Isere. … Lindsey Vonn is the defending champion.
  • It is the 15th  career World Cup win for Lara Gut … her fifth in downhill … her second in downhill at Val d’Isere following the win Dec. 14, 2012. … It is her third win of the season and second of the weekend. … Seven of her eight finishes this season have been top-10 placings. She has personally accounted for all of Switzerland’s World Cup wins this season.
  • It is the 17th World Cup podium for Fabienne Suter … her sixth in downhill, and her second in downhill this season.
  • It is the second career World Cup podium for Larisa Yurkiw following a second in DH at Cortina Jan. 16, 2015. … She owns the first and third best finishes of the season for Canada.
  • It is the 10th career top-10 World Cup finish for Laurenne Ross and her best finish of the season. … Alice McKennis matches her 12th best career result … and this is her best result of the season. … Stacey Cook matches her 41st best World Cup finish and notches her third best finish of the season. … Jacqueline Wiles matches her second-best career result from Lake Louise earlier this season (Dec. 5).
  • Lindsey Vonn (DNF in race) leads the World Cup overall standings 480-478 over Gut. …Frida Hansdotter (did not race) is third with 315pts. … Mikaela Shiffrin (did not race) is fourth with 296pts.
  • Fabienne Sutter matches Vonn for the lead of the downhill standings with 200pts. … Huetter is third with 190pts. … Yurkiw is fifth with 118pts and Stacey Cook seventh with 84pts.
  • Austria leads the women’s Nations Cup 1373-1141 over Switzerland. … The U.S. is third with 1092pts and Canada eighth with 315pts.

Official Results 

RankBibFIS CodeNameYearNationTotal TimeDiff.FIS Points
 1 20 516138GUT Lara1991SUI 1:44.51 0.00
 2 21 515766SUTER Fabienne1985SUI 1:44.67 +0.16 1.91
 3 12 106849YURKIW Larisa1988CAN 1:44.92 +0.41 4.90
 4 22 56128HUETTER Cornelia1992AUT 1:44.94 +0.43 5.14
 5 18 355050WEIRATHER Tina1989LIE 1:45.08 +0.57 6.82
 5 7 516319SUTER Corinne1994SUI 1:45.08 +0.57 6.82
 7 13 55970SCHMIDHOFER Nicole1989AUT 1:45.40 +0.89 10.64
 8 6 56125PUCHNER Mirjam1992AUT 1:45.43 +0.92 11.00
 9 9 245066MIKLOS Edit1988HUN 1:45.45 +0.94 11.24
 10 14 538573ROSS Laurenne1988USA 1:45.48 +0.97 11.60
 11 24 565360STUHEC Ilka1990SLO 1:45.51 +1.00 11.96
 12 3 538685MCKENNIS Alice1989USA 1:45.53 +1.02 12.20
 13 16 55576GOERGL Elisabeth1981AUT 1:45.64 +1.13 13.52
 14 28 56087SIEBENHOFER Ramona1991AUT 1:45.67 +1.16 13.87
 14 19 205218REBENSBURG Viktoria1989GER 1:45.67 +1.16 13.87
 16 15 537582COOK Stacey1984USA 1:45.68 +1.17 13.99
 17 27 539536WILES Jacqueline1992USA 1:45.89 +1.38 16.51
 18 8 505886KLING Kajsa1988SWE 1:45.90 +1.39 16.63
 19 2 297910CURTONI Elena1991ITA 1:46.11 +1.60 19.14
 20 35 297702MARSAGLIA Francesca1990ITA 1:46.15 +1.64 19.62
 21 31 425929MOWINCKEL Ragnhild1992NOR 1:46.31 +1.80 21.53
 22 1 196968BAILET Margot1990FRA 1:46.34 +1.83 21.89
 23 26 56088TIPPLER Tamara1991AUT 1:46.41 +1.90 22.73
 24 4 56177VENIER Stephanie1993AUT 1:46.47 +1.96 23.44
 25 40 516145KUENG Mirena1988SUI 1:46.62 +2.11 25.24
 26 42 515997FEIERABEND Denise1989SUI 1:46.65 +2.14 25.60
 27 30 296431STUFFER Verena1984ITA 1:46.68 +2.17 25.95
 27 5 197295PIOT Jennifer1992FRA 1:46.68 +2.17 25.95
 29 11 296472FANCHINI Elena1985ITA 1:46.75 +2.24 26.79
 30 41 299466DELAGO Nicol1996ITA 1:46.88 +2.37 28.35
 31 10 296008MERIGHETTI Daniela1981ITA 1:46.93 +2.42 28.94
 32 32 298323GOGGIA Sofia1992ITA 1:47.02 +2.51 30.02
 33 33 516185HAEHLEN Joana1992SUI 1:47.19 +2.68 32.05
 34 23 296427SCHNARF Johanna1984ITA 1:47.23 +2.72 32.53
 35 25 55913MOSER Stefanie1988AUT 1:47.39 +2.88 34.45
 36 45 155563KRIZOVA Klara1989CZE 1:47.61 +3.10 37.08
 37 29 425880SEJERSTED Lotte Smiseth1991NOR 1:47.70 +3.19 38.15
 38 44 197615BESSY Anouk1995FRA 1:47.75 +3.24 38.75
 39 38 565320FERK Marusa1988SLO 1:47.85 +3.34 39.95
 40 50 206520DORSCH Patrizia1994GER 1:47.86 +3.35 40.07
 41 48 56336DENGSCHERZ Dajana1996AUT 1:48.02 +3.51 41.98
 42 36 375018COLETTI Alexandra1983MON 1:48.11 +3.60 43.06
 43 49 197641GAUCHE Laura1995FRA 1:48.75 +4.24 50.71
 44 51 56224MAIER Sabrina1994AUT 1:48.85 +4.34 51.91
 44 47 565333BRODNIK Vanja1989SLO 1:48.85 +4.34 51.91
 46 34 56311REISINGER Elisabeth1996AUT 1:48.89 +4.38 52.39
 47 52 465098CAILL Ania Monica1995ROU 1:49.99 +5.48 65.54
Disqualified 1st run
 39 197497MIRADOLI Romane1994FRA
Did not finish 1st run
 46 206548MAGG Ann Katrin1994GER
 43 197665LARROUY Noemie1995FRA
 37 206460WENIG Michaela1992GER
 17 537544VONN Lindsey1984USA