After a long winter and 29 races, the NorAm Cup season has finished. The final races were completed in Sugarloaf Mountain Resort in Maine on March 22-23. The men and women on the circuit each raced in one more alpine combined and two final super-G races.

By the end of the two days, Canadians Ali Nullmeyer and Phil Brown had taken home the overall titles this year, and there is no doubt fans will see them on the World Cup more next season. Brown has spent much of this season on the World Cup already while Nullmeyer is just one year out of high school and made her World Championships debut this season. Brown totaled 892 points and Nullmeyer finished the year with 1,298 points, 720 of which came from in slalom.


The final week of races started on Wednesday with the final women’s alpine combined. Canada’s Mikaela Tommy took the win with a combined time of 2:02.48. Nullmeyer finished second, 0.47 seconds behind, and the U.S. Ski Team’s Patricia Mangan finished third, 1.14 seconds back.

American Nina O’Brien, who finished fifth, tied with Mangan to win the alpine combined title with 190 points.

Also on Wednesday, both the men and women raced in one super-G. U.S. Ski Team veteran Stacey Cook took the win in the women’s race with a time of 1:18.83. Tommy finished in second, 0.30 seconds back and Nullmeyer finished third, 0.44 seconds back.

Nullmeyer would finish her NorAm season on Wednesday, having accumulated enough of a lead to secure the title.

“I wasn’t 100 percent certain I was going to do those races, but then I ended up going out there, and I was just pretty tired and I put everything I had left into that super-G and super combined and I was pretty tired after that,” Nullmeyer said.

Erik Arvidsson won the men’s super-G on Wednesday with a time of 1:15.29. Arvidsson’s teammate Jared Goldberg finished second, 0.14 seconds back, and Canadian Ski Team athlete Brodie Seger took third place, 0.47 seconds back.

On Thursday, the men completed their last alpine combined. Canadian Sam Mulligan won with a total time of 1:49.54. Trevor Philp finished in second, 0.17 seconds back and the U.S. Ski Team’s Kipling Weisel finished in third place, 0.23 seconds behind.

Weisel and his teammate River Radamus finished first and second in the alpine combined standings with 258 points and 145 points, respectively

Wiesel also won the final super-G of the season with a combined time of 1:07.79. Goldberg finished in second place again, 0.19 seconds back and Ryan Cochran Siegle, also from the U.S. Ski Team, finished in third, 0.27 seconds back.

Although the final super-G podium was filled with U.S. Ski Team athletes, it was two Canadians that took the top two spots in the standings. Seger won the title with 281 points and his teammate James Crawford closely followed with 275 points.

U.S. athletes who usually race on the World Cup circuit dominated the last race of the series. Megan McJames took the super-G win with a time of 1:11.01. Cook took second place 0.09 seconds back and Jacqueline Wiles finished in third place, 0.13 seconds back.

Their success was not enough to unseat their younger counterparts, Mangan and O’Brien, who took the top two spots in the super-G standings. Mangan with 383 points and O’Brien with 294 points. Mangan said that although she has been skiing a lot of tech this year she had done well in speed events in the past.

“I don’t think it was a surprise that I did well, but it was definitely awesome to have consistency,” Mangan noted, adding that it was nice to have that consistency result in the title.

Mangan, who tied with O’Brien to win the alpine combined title, said that she is excited to have the opportunity to hopefully start World Cup super-Gs and alpine combined races next season and plans to continue focusing on all disciplines moving forward.

Notably absent from the final series was the U.S. Ski Team’s Nick Krause, who suffered a season-ending leg injury earlier this month. Without racing the final days, Krause ended the season second in the overall standings with 795 points. He also finished third in both the downhill and GS standings and fourth in super-G.

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