Ski Racing Media is proud to present “American Downhiller,” a feature film on the history of the U.S. men’s downhill team.

The story of American Downhillers goes back more than 50 years, long before the advent of the World Cup. The foundations were laid by pioneers like Buddy Werner and Billy Kidd in the 1950s and ’60s. Followed by the likes of Bill Johnson, whose brash personality and unapologetic style led to Olympic glory in the mid-80s, Today’s generation, led by Steven Nyman, is able to draw upon this rich tradition and a historic bond.


American Downhillers have always felt they had something to prove. The World Cup is primarily played “at home” for Europeans, where the sport’s biggest names are immortalized by legions of fans and an adoring media. It’s against this backdrop that the brotherhood of today’s American Downhillers is built. It pays homage to the spirit of legends like Johnson, A.J. Kitt, Tommy Moe, Bode Miller, and Daron Rahlves, as they forge a new team identity that prioritizes cooperation and friendship. And it’s a bond that has propelled the team to flourish on the World Cup and built a camaraderie that spans the test of time.

A Ski Racing Media and Jalbert Productions Film.

Executive Producers: Joe Jay Jalbert, Jay Jalbert, David DeMartini, Elizabeth Reeder
Producers: Claire Brown & Scott Lyons
Director of Photography: Susie Theis
Edited by: Susie Theis & Claire Brown
Narrated by: American Downhiller Steve Porino


  1. The Downhill is the essence of skiing. I wish they had more resort trails that could be skied like a Downhill, just much slower. I`m getting stoked for another ski season

  2. Great production, i really enjoyed seeing all the great American athletes, the ski gear, and races thru the years. How did Buddy Warner win both Kitz and the Lauberhorn in one year? Buddy was an elite athlete. But, who is the greatest male American Downhiller of all time, is it Rhalves or Miller? that is a tough call

  3. Great to see AJ Kitt here. I remember him as a young racer at Swain. He comes from a great ski family. The tribute here is to all those moms, dads and siblings who gave up their weekends and winters to drive these kids from state to state and race to race to get their points for D Team and upward. T
    hat’s how you make a great downhiller.


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