ASPEN, Colo. — As the midday sun rose high in the Rocky Mountain sky, Sweden emerged as the winning nation of Friday’s coed parallel team event at World Cup Finals in Aspen. The Swedish team of Frida Hansdotter, Emelie Wikstroem, Mattias Hargin, and Andre Myhrer took down the German team of Lena Duerr, Marina Wallner, Stefan Luitz, and Linus Strasser three points to one in the final round. In the small final for third place, the French team of Adeline Baud Mugnier, Coralie Frasse Sombet, Jean-Baptiste Grange, and Julie Lizeroux was victorious over Italy’s team of Chiara Costazza, Irene Curtoni, Patrick Thaler, and Giuliano Razzoli.

The parallel event has emerged as a spectator favorite over the past few seasons due to its fast-paced action and how quickly the event takes place when compared to a traditional alpine event. The team parallel event will be a new medal discipline at next year’s 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and has been featured in the revived World Pro Ski Tour this season.


Unfortunately, due to NorAm finals taking place in Quebec, Canada, this week and a low number of North American athletes qualifying for Finals, neither the United States or Canada chose to field a team for Friday’s race.

“The team event is an important part of the FIS program,” USSA Alpine Director Patrick Riml explained. “But with career significance of points gained from racing in NorAm Cup Finals, it was important that those athletes have that opportunity.”

On Saturday, March 18, racing continues with the men’s giant slalom and women’s slalom.

Check out our gallery from today’s race here.

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Official Results

RankFIS CodeNameYearNationTimeWC PointsColor
HANSDOTTER Frida1985 19.90
WIKSTROEM Emelie1992 19.93
HARGIN Mattias1985 18.97
MYHRER Andre1983
DUERR Lena1991 20.02
WALLNER Marina1994 20.49
LUITZ Stefan1992
STRASSER Linus1992 19.08
BAUD MUGNIER Adeline1992 19.76
FRASSE SOMBET Coralie1991 20.00
GRANGE Jean-Baptiste1984 19.23
LIZEROUX Julien1979 18.99
COSTAZZA Chiara1984 20.39
CURTONI Irene1985 19.90
RAZZOLI Giuliano1984 19.08
THALER Patrick1978 19.54
HAASER Ricarda1993 20.10
TRUPPE Katharina1996 19.73
DIGRUBER Marc1988 19.24
MATT Michael1993 19.51
HOLDENER Wendy1993 20.02
MEILLARD Melanie1998 19.86
AERNI Luca1993 19.38
YULE Daniel1993 18.92
LOESETH Nina1989 20.21
SKJOELD Maren1993 20.11
FOSS-SOLEVAAG Sebastian1991
NORDBOTTEN Jonathan1989
BUCIK Ana1993 20.75
DREV Ana1985 20.65
CATER Martin1992 19.88
KRANJEC Zan1992 19.51