What started as a road trip to Florida during the start of the pandemic turned into an entrepreneurial dream. Cam Smith and his dad, Bill Smith, decided to head to Florida to be with family once the ski resorts shut down in March 2020. Bill Smith urged his son to make the most of his time during the pandemic, trading time on social media with learning something new. 

Cam recalled his dad’s wise encouragement at the start of the pandemic, “This is the greatest time for self-improvement you will have in your life, Cam.” The two of them began the process of learning a 3D-modeling software program called SolidWorks™. 

Best friends since high school

Cam Smith’s best friend from high school, Dominic Rainville, had studied 3D-modeling in school. The two friends began to brainstorm what product they could develop together. Both of them had spent countless hours dealing with back pain and irritated psoas muscles from ski racing. The psoas muscle is located in the lower lumbar region of the spine and extends through the pelvis to the femur. If this muscle is tight, it can cause back pain.

The athletes were going to a masseuse regularly for back issues, and the masseuse would start on their psoas muscles every time because that was the root of the back pain. They figured there had to be a better solution than having to regularly see a massage therapist or work with the current products that were on the market to alleviate their back pain. So they decided to build a product that was adjustable to different body types and would release the psoas muscle.

In only eight months, the trio learned 3D modeling software, studied plastics, built prototypes, launched a website, filed a patent, and completed countless other tasks. They explained that “it has been such a unique process for them to go from conceptual design, working with chiropractors and massage therapists, to working with the mechanical engineer and manufacturers.”

About the product

The Pso Much Better product does not need a medical diagnosis as it is a self-massage tool. It is difficult for people to go to the massage therapist every time that they experience pain. Especially for athletes traveling on the road, they need an alternative that can travel with them and alleviate pain as it comes.   

Different attachment heads plug into an adjustable board and move closer together or further apart depending on the user and intended massage area. One of the three attachment heads called the Meat Ginder™ allows users to release the psoas muscle at an angle without hitting their intestines.

The user lays on the attachment heads to release muscles around various parts of their body. Each attachment has different functions and releases muscles such as the psoas, glutes, back, and neck. The team worked with a local Chiropractor who looked at the product and said it was “one of the best tools he has ever looked at.”

An experience that will last a lifetime

Cam Smith is in his second post-graduate season.  He explained how through this project, he has been focused on his skiing, but has also found a love for other opportunities out in the world. This product helps him to combine his passion for ski racing with the opportunity to grow a small business. Bill Smith loves the experience that his son and Dom have gained from this entrepreneurial endeavor. They not only solved a problem for skiers but learned the basics of starting a business.

Pandemic challenges

The pandemic has brought its own set of challenges. Bill Smith explained that in typical times, a company would travel to visit their manufacturer, but they have had to communicate remotely due to COVID-19. Even without in-person meetings, the Pso Much Better team managed to develop a world-class product and will have it ready to ship out very soon. The product is available on psomuchbetter.com and Amazon.com for pre-order. Pre-orders will ship in mid-January.

Athlete supporters

The Pso Much Better Team is proud to announce that athletes River Radamus and Mckenzie Flinchum are both supporters of their product. Bill Smith explained that the company received nothing but rave reviews about the product. The best part is that the product was designed by local athletes just trying to solve a problem and improve their ski racing performance.

They would like to especially thank Wendy Puckett as she has been a great partner in their endeavor. Puckett is a CorePower yoga instructor in Steamboat Springs and has opened her doors for the Pso Much Better crew to test, educate, and help others with their product.

More information can be found on their website psomuchbetter.com.


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