The Austrian men’s and women’s ski teams began their first official dryland sessions of the summer with the men’s Technical Group III and the women’s World Cup Group II teams coming together for physical training this week.

Photo by OESV

The men were in Voelkermarkt, Austria, where in addition to very a long bike ride on the road, the athletes and coaches tried their hand at racing row boats at the Voelkermarkt artificial lake. During this training, enormous concentration was required by the athletes. Together with their new physiotherapist Claudio Huber, conditioning coach Reini Hohenwarter put an emphasis on an extensive mobilization and coordination training.


The uncommon training activities provided for a good change to the intense training in the Olympic centers, where the athletes will continue to work on their conditioning for the next few weeks.

“Our special thanks go to the municipal community of Voelkermarkt and to all those involved who have made this course a success,” the team said. “Thanks to their help and the perfect sporting infrastructure, a high-quality and varied training course was possible.”

The women began their summer training in Bergenland and also hopped on their bikes for an extended road ride before trying their hand at a variety of different cross-training activities.

Photo by OESV

The women tried their hand at a kitesurfing. Meanwhile, Dajana Dengscherz, Michaela Heider, and the rest of the team also switched to the stand-up paddleboard to train their endurance, strength, and balance skills.

In addition to their water training, the women’s team also trained with the volunteer fire brigade in Schwadorf to learn proper repelling technique, concentration training in stress situations, as well as first aid.

Release from the Austrian Ski Federation.