Kindness Wins, a collaborative engine for kindness, announced Tuesday the addition of two-time Olympic gold medalist and three-time overall World Cup champion alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin to its lineup of Champions. With the addition of Shiffrin, Kindness Wins will greatly expand its platform of influence, furthering its mission to spread kindness to the masses. 

Launched in early 2020 by Founding Champion Madison Keys, Kindness Wins is a nonprofit that acts as an umbrella organization for kindness initiatives, working with professional athletes as champions to demonstrate that even in the most competitive environment, deeds and actions of generosity and compassion are possible and the outcomes are highly impactful. 


With special emphasis on kindness to self, kindness to youth, and kindness to others in times of struggle, the organization is proving its importance and its impact now more than ever. Most recently, the organization launched Kindness In Crisis: an online auction led by Keys, Shiffrin and other athletes that gave professional athletes the opportunity to auction off signed memorabilia and raise funds for COVID-19 relief. 

“Following our work together on the Kindness In Crisis auction, I am thrilled that Mikaela is joining the organization as a Champion,” said Madison Keys. “Kindness Wins focuses not just on those who talk about kindness, but those who take action and put kindness into practice, and Mikaela is the embodiment of this mission. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her better in recent weeks and cannot wait to see the great things she has in store for this organization, and for society, in her role as Champion.” 

Kindness Wins has started a kindness movement, using its website,, and social channels (@KindnessWinsFoundation) as a hub of kindness activity where such deeds and gestures, big or small, are shared and celebrated, inspiring society to actively be more thoughtful, considerate and compassionate. 

“I’m so excited to dive into Kindness Wins with Madison,” said Mikaela Shiffrin. “I am an introvert by nature, and it has taken a lot of work just to develop any level of a comfort sharing myself and my life with the world, especially on social media. I actually feel like my sport and the media have been a tool that have helped me become more comfortable with myself, but I also have seen and felt how the media and the internet can have an incredibly negative impact on peoples’ confidence and self-worth. As social media platforms grow, cyberbullying continues to escalate— people often say incredibly hurtful things while hiding behind their screen—but I do believe that the online world has the potential to be a place of positivity and support rather than a hub for cyber-bullying and we have the ability to make that transformation happen starting with this message of spreading Kindness.” 

In February of 2020, Shiffrin’s world came to a screeching halt, as she suffered the loss of her father Jeff. “One of the mottos my dad lived by was ‘Be nice, think first, and have fun’—and I will take that with me throughout my entire life. My parents both instilled in me that I should treat other people who I want to be treated and, even more importantly, to hold others accountable for the way they treat those around them. For this reason and more, the Kindness Wins’ message has resonated with me. I love that this organization is structured as a collaborative engine for kindness and will provide a platform for me and other athletes to pursue our own Kindness projects within its framework. Being kind will never go out of style, and I really believe that we can have a powerful impact on society in spreading this message.” 

In addition to its own platform, Kindness Wins also supports the individual kindness-related endeavors of its Champions. Working together to rally behind kindness, Kindness Wins Champions will collaboratively support their fellow champions in the specific areas each Champion supports. 

“I’m looking forward to exploring and announcing my own passion projects that I will pursue with Kindness Wins,” said Shiffrin. “Meanwhile, my first official act as one of the ‘Founding Champions’ will be participating in Kindness Wins Day on May 22—a day where we will recognize and celebrate acts of kindness that we find inspiring, and I encourage everyone to participate along with us.” 

Kindness Wins Day, taking place on May 22 is a movement to help change the world: one day, one post, and one individual at a time. Participants are challenged to tag and recognize deeds and actions of generosity and compassion, big or small, on social media, using the hashtag #KindnessWinsDay and tagging @KindnessWinsFoundation for a chance to be featured. More information can be found at 


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