Olympic silver and bronze medalist Andrew Weibrecht has been picked to guide the relaunch of the Alpine skiing program at Paul Smith’s College, a small school in the Adirondacks Mountains.

Weibrecht is a three-time Olympian who won medals in super G at Sochi and Vancouver. He will bring 16 years of national and international experience with the U.S. ski team to the school. 

Weibrecht, 34, retired from skiing two years ago. He will assume a lead role in creating a new Alpine program. Members of the men’s and women’s teams will be able to train and compete at nearby Whiteface Mountain, which hosted Alpine skiing at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics.

“The Division I world has gotten crazy competitive, both admissions into these colleges and getting slots on the team, which often go hand in hand,” he said. “If you’re being recruited by the team, it does help you get into the school itself.”

Paul Smith’s, the only four-year college in the Adirondacks, is committed to bringing more sports to its campus. The addition of Alpine skiing for 2021-22 comes after the school added Nordic skiing, biathlon, hockey, trap shooting and esports, giving the school 27 varsity sports programs.


  1. I raced on the ski team for North Country Community College in 1977 and ’78. Paul Smith’s had an excellent team back then, and we were all pretty good friends. I think we won the Alpine title in ’77, but Paul Smith’s had a great XC team, and they won the overall. Matt Purcell was tough every race, but I think I edged him out in slalom. But always spirited competition. Great that they’re bringing it back!

  2. Great news as expanding NCAA collegiate racing is vital to the growth of both alpine and nordic ski racing. However, NCAA skiing needs to consider team seeding rather than FIS points to level the playing field for all college teams. I am all for scoring FIS points at Division I carnival racing, but in order to make the team format work, racers from each school should be represented in each seed. Otherwise the UVM’s, Dartmouth’s and Middleburys will continue to dominate the circuit and new programs like Paul Smith’s will not be competitive. Unfortunately there are no Cinderella teams in NCAA skiing like the Gonzagas and Loyola’s of college basketball. If we want NCAA skiiing to be relevant to the USST, we need to make it accessible to all college teams!

  3. Congrats Andrew on restarting this program! With Whiteface so close it will make it an easy commute!!
    Your input of working hard and setting goals will work with the Payl Smith students.


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