Ski Racing Media and Swix are pleased to announce a series of virtual tuning clinics, kicking off Jan. 28. 

As part of the four-part series, participants will hear from host Graham Lonetto, Alpine Director for SWIX/Brav USA, who has more than 23 years of race-service experience. Participants will learn why fluoro wax was banned, how to rid your skis of fluoro wax, and gain a better understanding of the rules for this season.

Sign up today to learn how side-edges work, how to maintain your base bevel, and how to buy the right iron. In general, step up your knowledge and fine-tune your ski racing performance. 

Together, we will make this season one for the books. More than ever, it is Ski Racing Media’s goal to provide readers with easy access to worthwhile educational content. Swix is one of the leading wax brands in the industry and knows what it takes to foster the fastest athletes on snow. 

From ski-room safety, rules and regulations, race-edge tuning and waxing, and race-day preparations, the series will cover a lot of ground. Gather your team, make a club tuning night out of it, and sign up at the links below.

We look forward to meeting you over Zoom. 

January 28 — 7pm EST – 8pm EST: Fluoro Free Wax: Know The Rules 

Learn about the FIS and USSS rules for 2020-21 season and understand why fluoros were banned. Swix will walk you through the fluoro-free PRO wax system, how to use it, and how to rid your skis of fluoro wax. Learn about ski room safety, how to clean your tools and brushes and much more. 

February 4 — 7pm EST – 8pm EST: How to Tune Your Skis

Are you curious how base bevels works? Do you know how to measure or set your base bevel? Swix will teach you how side edges work, how to check your side edge bevel, remove sidewall material and most importantly, how to adjust your skis’s sharpness for conditions and more! 

February 11 — 7pm EST – 8pm EST: How to Wax Your Skis

Did you know you should protect your bindings from wax while waxing your skis? We will cover brushing techniques, learn about how to buy an iron that works for your needs, how to prepare your iron for maximum performance, how to clean and maintain your brush and even how to maintain your scraper for a longer life time. 

February 12 — 7pm EST – 8pm EST: How to store your skis and prepare for race day

During the fourth and last session in the series, sign up to learn about top coat race wax selection, best practices for applying liquids and blocks. Gain knowledge about using felt, cork and synthetic blocks, roto corks, fleeces and wool too! There’s a difference between applying a top coat wax at the start of a race course versus in the ski room, Swix will walk you through why that’s the case and make sure all of your gear is looking tip top for race day. 


    • I found the classes just log in and on the very top screen where it says SR pro membership after logging in as a pro member. click on it SR pro membership at the top screen and the classes are right there as well as brands we get discounts from.

  1. Yes Where can you find the everbright swix flora wax, ski tuning, ski waxing all 4 classes on replays to be able to rewatch on this site. youtube video or however we can rewatch them. i missed the 2nd tuning class but i want to rewatch all of them.
    Thank you
    MIchael Thomas


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