Ski Racing Media, in conjunction with Daron Rahlves and WEND Waxworks, is pleased to present an instructional series, “Ski Tips with Daron Rahlves.” In this weekly video series, which will run throughout the winter season, the ski racing legend will discuss any and all topics related to alpine ski racing. From tactics on the hill, to conditioning and ski prep, Rahlves will share the trade secrets that made him one of the best in the world.

In this two-part episode, Rahlves takes us through his tuning and waxing routine with a number tips along the way.


About WEND: WEND, a Wax Research Inc. Brand, is an innovative line of Natural Non-Fluoro waxes, and Natural Non-Fluoro Meadowfoam (MF) Race Waxes, overlays, bars, and pastes, including a full range of tuning shop waxes and base treatments. WEND continues to redefine the way we think about snow waxes with their latest innovation, the NP Performance snow wax line which is a petroleum free (NP=Non-Petroleum) formula with industry leading performance WEND is known for. “ As a Leader in the global wax market, WEND unwinds traditional logic as witnessed in the performance of their trailblazing snow and surf wax formulas. Founded in Encinitas in 1971, Wax Research is recognized by the international sport community as one of the original action sports accessory companies due to their 50 year history in surf/snow wax and accessories. This family of like-minded people is dedicated to the vital spark of individualism and adventure. A grassroots manufacture, every handcrafted bar of high quality surf and snow wax is poured in their certified no waste factory in California.


  1. Great tips, i am going to incorporate a couple of Daron`s tips into my ski maintenance, use the WEND cleaner and the steel brush to open up and deoxidize the base. I found an easy to use tool that might be helpful for the parents of jr racers, maybe they aren’t expert ski tuners, and they want a non hooky, consistent polished edge sharpness on their kids skis. I recommend the SKS 3000 swing cut bevel tool with the blue aluminum oxide stones. Its very easy to use on the side bevel, use a stone in both side bevel guides. get plenty of the stones, and clean them frequently with wax remover and a brass brush. also, swix has a new file thats 17 tpi, thats a one step file, and is hard to wear out. Also, if you are going to wax with a cold temp. wax, always warm the ski up as much a possible, first, like set the ski base near a heat source for a couple of minutes. be careful


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