Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Do Top Racers Use Footbeds?

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the insert between your foot and boot liner.

Finding the Boot Whisperer

Every great ski racer relies on a professional fitter, and you should too.

Backshop: 5 Mistakes You’re Making with Boots

Bootfitting pros tell juniors and parents what they are doing wrong and how to make it right.

Willy Booker named EVP of Dalbello US

Marker/Volkl taps experienced leadership to bring Dalbello boot brand into the fold.

Fischer, Razzoli remain a team for 2 more years

Slalom specialist with unusually large feet finds boot fit with VACUUM technology.

Weirather sticks with Atomic

Despite testing with Stoeckli, Tina Weirather has re-signed with her existing equipment supplier.

VIDEO: Hirscher debuts new limited edition Atomic slalom ski

“It was another exciting process with the creative minds at Atomic," said Hirscher. "The look is important to me as it reflects who I am."

Theaux signs 2-year contract with HEAD

Adrien Theaux joins French teammates Johan Clarey, Cyprien Richard, and Mathieu Faivre on HEAD skis and boots. Is Pinturault far behind?
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Most Read

Pritchard: Some of my favorite movements for the alpine athlete

It's important to remember that athletics often require an array of strength, power, mobility and stability across multiple planes of motion. Often times we can get carried away with the weight on the bar or the speed at which we are training but neglect which direction we are going.

U of Alaska, part of shrinking NCAA west, launches campaign to save ski team

A cautionary tale from the head coach of the University of Alaska about the potential threat other programs could face. Meanwhile, the ski racing community rallies to raise funds necessary to save the team. You can help!

Rokos: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

University of Colorado coach Richard Rokos chimes in with some words of wisdom about the upcoming season. Things aren't as bad as they look on the surface, he says. We can make the best of this!

Radamus: Competition raises effort and pushes personal limits

The issue is not that there are not enough opportunities for athletes to receive comprehensive and professional training and coaching; the issue is there are too many.

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