Notable Coaches: Jason “Moot” Nelson (Interim Director of Alpine Skiing), Craig Leaman (Alpine), Allie Clark ‘16 (Alpine), Mike Fairbrother (Alpine), Sean Wheeler (Alpine), Nate Chipman (Alpine), Justin Sperry (Alpine), Wells “Buz” Morrison (Head Coach Nordic), Sarah Daney (Nordic), Peter Southworth (Nordic), Dan Egan (Head Coach Freeski/Freeride), Dillon Mailand (Freeride), Ben Johnson (Freeski), Chris Jones ‘04 (Ski Jumping)

Notable Alumni: Recent: Madeline Semet ’21 (Middlebury), Dylan Thompson ’21 (Bates), Blake Licata ’21 (Saint Michael’s College), Crowley Gentile ’17 (UNH), Ben Charleston ’20 (Boston College), Rob Gillis ’20 (Bates), Chris Golden ’20 (Williams), Molly Mueller ’20 (Colby College), Andrew Rusis ’20 (Boston College) Past: Angie Duke ’14 (Middlebury), Cortland Begor ’14 (Dartmouth), Caite Zeliff ’12 (UNH, professional big mountain skier), Tyler McKenzie ’10 (Bates, Coach), James Tautkus ’03 (UNH, Coach), Jed Hinkley ‘99 (Olympian, Nordic Combined), Carl Van Loan ‘98 (Olympian, Nordic Combined), Robbie Holland ’94 (Coach), Bob Beattie ‘51

Location: Andover, New Hampshire

Phone: 603-707-2221 or 603-735-6658


Founded: 1848

Grades: 9 through PG

Category: Prep school with competitive ski programs

Application Deadline: 2/1/2022

Day School Cost: $41,900

Boarding School Cost: $67,300

Financial Aid: Yes

Motto: Live to Learn, Learn to Live

Proctor’s Profile of a Graduate: Proctor graduates are collaborative, ethical individuals, ready to contribute productively to their communities. Our diverse programs and experiential approach to education develop creative, resilient, and knowledgeable problem solvers who take responsibility for their own learning

Academic Approach: Proctor’s unique academic curriculum is founded in the belief that academic challenge, integrated support systems, and a preference for hands-on, experiential modes of teaching create enduring learning for students. With over 100 courses offered each term, students are encouraged to explore the entirety of Proctor’s curriculum, and by doing so we hope that students’ passions will be ignited.

Athletic Approach: In an age of sport specialization, Proctor offers a sport-specific model within a mainstream college preparatory school. This allows our ski racers to pursue other sports in their off seasons. This model opens many doors for student-athletes, both during their time at Proctor, and beyond, while allowing student athletes’ bodies to become stronger and, more explosive through cross training and the pursuit of other sports. 

Proctor’s ski program offers year-round athlete management with comprehensive strength and conditioning as well as four pre-season training camps.

Training Facilities: Proctor trains at the Proctor Ski Area and at Ragged Mountain. The Proctor Ski Area is the world’s finest high school-owned, private, FIS homologated ski training facility, and it is within walking distance of campus. State of the art snowmaking, top-to-bottom lighting, and a Prinoth BR-350 groomer ensure superb conditions. Additionally, the hand tow and high-speed T-bar ensure that athletes can maximize their on-snow time. Just 15 minutes from campus is Ragged Mountain, where Proctor has exclusive midweek training availability and access to USSA homologated SG and GS hills and high-speed Quad and 6-pack lifts. For strength and conditioning our athletes utilize Proctor’s Farrell Field House and Fitness Center, along with our 2,500 acres for hiking, running, and biking. The school’s brand-new Mike Henriques and Betsy Paine Outdoor Center is a hub of activity in the winter: home to state-of-the-art waxing and tuning rooms, a mechanics space, as well as locker rooms and a video conference and meeting room.