Ski Racing Media (SRM) is pleased to announce expanded editorial coverage into Canada through a newly formed partnership with Fresh Air Productions, which will be spearheading SRM’s Canadian content moving forward.

The move further solidifies Ski Racing’s commitment to deliver a high-quality editorial product that, not only, informs and entertains its readers, but also, strives to make the sport of alpine ski racing stronger and healthier in North America. As part of this expanded coverage, SRM intends to provide readers with a unique perspective into issues of governance, the lives of athletes, industry leaders, and development from the grassroots up — now on both sides of the border.


”We are excited to partner with Gordie Bowles and Fresh Air Productions to bring a Canadian perspective to our editorial offering,” said Ski Racing Media Chairman Dan Leever. “While there are many similarities between ski racing systems in Canada and the U.S., there are also many unique idiosyncrasies that deserve a unique perspective. Ski racing is a niche sport, and it behooves us to broaden our geographic reach. This is our first effort to do that.”

The partnership with Fresh Air Productions, a Vancouver-based content marketing agency, will expand SRM’s editorial reach, while servicing Canadian ski racing families and enthusiasts with in-depth storytelling and rich content.

“This is great news for ski racing fans in Canada,” said Gordie Bowles, CEO & creative director for Fresh Air Productions. “I’m personally excited as I grew up with Ski Racing editorials all over my walls, so the opportunity to work directly with the editorial team and to bring Canadian ski racing stories to a large audience will be rewarding. We look forward to making this a great resource for racers, coaches, national and provincial sports organization members, and fans who desire better and higher-quality ski content.”

A longtime editor, publisher, writer, producer, ski-racing administrator and volunteer, Bowles grew up racing for the ski club in Fernie, B.C., and eventually joined the NCAA circuit with the University of Nevada, Reno in the mid-90s. He’s since worked in journalism, content marketing and communications around the industry, particularly in Canada. 

“Expanding our coverage into Canada is something that has long been discussed at Ski Racing, but with our staff historically being based in the U.S., it’s been a challenge over the years to immerse ourselves in Canadian developments as thoroughly as we could or should,” said Geoff Mintz, Ski Racing’s editor-in-chief. “With Dan’s commitment, we are fortunate to be able to tap Gordie’s expertise and industry knowledge of all matters important to our friends north of the border, and I’m really looking forward to working alongside our ‘Canadian editor’ to provide a great product to those readers.”   

Beginning immediately, readers can expect weekly coverage on developments within Alpine Canada and the provinces, discussions ranging from NorAm to the grassroots, World Cup athletes, national teams, and more. 


  1. This is great – I ski raced with Gordie back in BC and I can say with confidence that there is no Canadian is more passionate about ski racing and journalism than Gordie Bowles!


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