Monday, April 19, 2021

Panorama national training centre receives $850K injection from provincial government

Some good news for ski racing in Canada. Panorama resort announced this week an $850,000 funding boost to the alpine training centre to improve snowmaking...

Nelson top US finisher in opening world juniors race

Isaiah Nelson opened the FIS Alpine World Junior Ski Championships in Bansko, Bulgaria with a top-10 super G finish. He paved the way for...

NorAms are canceled. So, now what?

While the U.S. Ski Team and Alpine Canada have yet to make an announcement, sources tell Ski Racing Media that the 2020-21 NorAm season...

2021 World Junior Championships alpine team announced

U.S. Ski & Snowboard has named eight athletes to the 2021 FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships Team to represent the U.S. Alpine Ski...

Independent racer Alex Leever secures first World Cup starts

Team America athlete Alex Leever is looking to prove that self-belief and persistent, steady improvement can get you to the highest level of alpine...

PODCAST: Alpine Waxroom w/ Steve Porino

The Waxroom is alpine skiing's cocktail napkin; it's where yarns are spun, scores settled, ideas chronicled, and like all good waxrooms, it's really just...

Pandemic training secrets from Doug Lewis

As we all continue to cope with this crazy ski racing life amidst a global pandemic, and compounded in places by a lack of...

Mentors matter

In life, we often get our breaks by being in the right place at the right time. We also get them by being with...

Letter: U.S. Ski & Snowboard views Buck Hill FIS venue, Chuck Stone Memorial as...

Upon hearing about the new FIS Homologation at Buck Hill earlier this Summer, I was very excited about the opportunities it would present. More...

Canadian-turned-Norwegian coach tells clubs: Dare to be creative

When Tim Gfeller took the reins as the head coach of the Norwegian women’s World Cup team in 2014 he inherited a small team...

Erik Schlopy’s approach to parenting

Ever since Erik Schlopy’s kids clicked into skis when they were 2 years old, he’s only had one goal for them … that they...

Taylor: Innovate or die — constant evolution is key to American ski racing success

In addition to my work in the sports world, I have also consulted extensively in the corporate setting over the years. This work has...

Radamus: The American development system

The most underutilized resources in the United States’ ski racing system are the colleges and universities.

Letter: The problem with speed events

I enjoyed the article written by Kirk (Dwyer) and he brings up many valid points as it relates to speed vs tech. Kirk and...

Rokos: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

University of Colorado coach Richard Rokos chimes in with some words of wisdom about the upcoming season. Things aren't as bad as they look on the surface, he says. We can make the best of this!

Radamus: Competition raises effort and pushes personal limits

The issue is not that there are not enough opportunities for athletes to receive comprehensive and professional training and coaching; the issue is there are too many.

Taylor: What prevents mental training from being a key part of ski racing development

Mental training, traditionally called sport psychology, can suffer from ‘guilt by association’ with the broader field of clinical psychology that still carries the stigma that only screwed-up people seek professional help. This perception, however inaccurate it is, can prevent athletes, coaches, and parents from seeing mental preparation for what it is.

Letter: Why the pandemic could spur needed reform of the North American ski industry

I think a lot of ‘ski’ people dream of replicating the atmosphere and winter culture of the Alps with the countless surface lifts scattered...

Gundersen: Junior development (Part 2) — alpine skiing

In Junior Development Part 1 – Lessons from Soccer, a look inside the Philadelphia Union and its Union Academy, I described what’s happening at...

Letter: Are ski domes the answer?

Where are the Europeans training this summer? Check out the article on FIS Alpine about how the Germans, French, Petra, etc. are training in...

Fall line: Learning from Stephen Curry and Tom Brady

Curry and Brady are just two examples that any scientist would say are anecdotal examples, not scientific proof of nurture versus nature. But given that there is science behind this principle and many, many examples in ski racing, I propose it is irrefutable that ski racers can be made and are not necessarily born.

Letter: Being good at everything

"It's Not About Tech VS Speed" got my attention and made me compare what I was reading to my own experience as a full-time...

Development through the ages: What Went Right? (Part 2)

Editor's note: This second story in a two-part series focuses on what helped athletes make their leap into the big leagues. See Part 1...

Taylor: Mental preparation is a missing piece of the ski racing puzzle

Consider the vital importance of the mind in ski racing. Motivation, confidence, intensity, focus, emotions, resilience, adaptability, patience, perseverance, coachability, attitude, collaboration, the list goes on. Yes, these mental “muscles” can develop on their own with individual athletes.

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